Who we are

Il Celliere a Castagnoli is a restaurant in Gaiole in Chianti, Siena, Italy situated in the courtyard of the ancient hamlet of Castagnoli. The restaurant Il Celliere is an establishment where you can taste and appreciate the typical dishes of Siena and the Chianti region in an atmosphere of style that combines the old with the new. Some of the dishes prepared by the staff of Il Celliere are based on the traditional, local style of cooking while others are inspired by the region’s products according to what is in season.


Il Celliere a Castagnoli observes a strict selection policy in its choice of basic ingredients and has identified the right locations; to source the typical Tuscan dishes, to discover the flavour of the Tuscan porcini mushrooms (when they are in season), to eat Fiorentina steak in Tuscany, to eat truffle and other seasonal specialties such as the sweet and strong wild boar in winter. Wild boar is an old, well known Tuscan dish into which (and not many know this) our housewives add a pinch of cantucci and vinsanto wine. During the warmer months the young farmyard cockerel, i malfalti al basilico, la panzanella and many more excellent dishes are selected, including some from outside the region.


The seasonal variations and the richness of the farming products are expressed in the cooking and have come to create some notable dishes typical of Tuscany cuisine. From the Ribollita to the Pappa Col Pomodoro, from the Costolette d’agnello a scottadito to the Faraona al forno in salsa all’ agresto, all of the ingredients are personally selected every day. The Pappardelle Ravioli, Passatelli, Gnocchi and Malfatti are handmade, like our bread, and infused each day with a different fragrance. Il Celliere a Castagnoli guarantees that you will enjoy a perfect dinner and also caters for those who prefer vegetarian cuisine or who eat a gluten-free diet. There is plenty of choice for everyone.


As well as the wines of Rocca di Castagnoli and other companies within the Alimenta group, Castello di San Sano and Tenuta di Capraia in Tuscany, it is possible to venture into other territories. From the French bubbly to the excellent Tuscan wines of Montalcino and Montepulciano and from our local wines to many other great wines, with preference of course for those produced from Italian vines.     


Moving to the restaurant surroundings, these are set within the ancient Fortress of Castagnoli where it’s possible to dine outside during the warmer summer months.


The location can accommodate a romantic dinner for two in the castle and we are happy to advise on a suitable menu. It is possible to hold personal celebrations at the restaurant, such as a typical family dinner or one with friends.


You can also stay overnight in the castle in one of the rooms of the ancient fortress or in one of the apartments of the old Borgo di Castagnoli and complete the experience with a Toscana IGT Supertuscan wine tasting from the Rocca di Castagnolichianti classico and chianti classico riserva production.


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