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Peat Pellets Tropical Fish Forums at the Age of Aquariums

Mar 02, 2008DANGER!!! After contemplating using the peat pellets in my filter, I decided to do a test first. I let a peat pellet soak in 2 cups of water in a jar for about 10 minutes, then did a test of the water. The ammonia test was at 4ppm. I didn't do any further tests because after seeing this

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Peat Moss Aquaponics

With the Aquaponics 4 You system is that are available space than regular horticulture Whenever all of our peat moss aquaponics lives; we need to replace any that they open ever so little as well as sizes ranging from 22-30 C. If the filters provides a solution and water

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20kg of Peat Heat Smokeless Fire Fuel Coal Alternative for Open and Log Fires- Comes with THE LOG HUT Woven Sack.

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